Thursday, 29 May 2014

Modi Magic

Since his resounding election success and installation as PM, Modiji has launched a series of out of the box policy changes which have taken the rather slow moving, hierarchical and bureaucratic powers that be in the capital by a virtual storm. Time bound ten point program's for PMO, and similar programs for defence etc for the first 100 days has given the slothful babus a laser show in shock and awe. All departments are busy preparing PowerPoint presentations structured with strengths, weaknesses, etc.
Today 100% FDI in defence has been mooted. Thus snooking at of one of the holy cows of the government. This has really sent shock and awe through the establishment.
Talking first with the Chinese PM was a master stroke in diplomacy. In one stone trying to get closer to the highest incremental GDP country of the world. Also it will defuse simmering border tension.
All this within the first three days of office. Surely augurs well for the country. Jai Ho.

Post Covid World

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