Thursday, 20 November 2014

Apocalypse Now

24th nov
today also temperatures in chicago were sub full day. research says most americans believe apocalypse is at hand.

the past two weeks have been perhaps the heaviest ravaging arctic cold to ever hit US simultaneously across all the states. the last winter saw Sandy and some bitter Arctic chill which hit a lot of states in the last month of winter when at its peak. but novembers have never been so brutal. and that too before thanksgiving.

difficult to digest but if we view objectively some of the quirks of nature, weather and climate over the past few years globally and more so in US. am sure the frequency and amplitude of these cases of nature's fury are increasing almost geometrically. but like veritable ostriches we are not able the accept the stark truth but instead burrowing deeper our senile energy doped heads into the sand which provides a respite from the ugly truth which is blowing fiercely above.

a simple list of climate extremes which have ravaged recently are: forest fires, floods, drought, arctic polar chills, tornadoes, twisters, extreme heat, cold, record snows, rapid fall in temperatures, extreme cold, earthquakes, etc. these mind boggling events have already numbed our sensibilities,

yet no one wants correlate the horrifying truth that that this could be connected to US contributing 25% of carbon emissions,  highest number of cars, air conditioning, energy use, mobile usage, plane traffic, the list goes one.

is there no way out of this intensifying morass. should we not take up some strong fundamental changes to our lifestyles to escape certain annihilation.

we are all comfortably numb....waiting for godot....

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