Friday, 23 January 2015

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. The middle path is best. For good health, economies, companies. Xtreme competition, activity not desirable. Om.

. The X files back. Greatest ever serial. The truth is out there. Trust no one. The ETs r here. We r d aliens. Robots.

Noise vs. Nature: How We're Upsetting America's Soundscapes . Noise, lights & dforesting killing earth. V r murderers

Surreal times. Robots. xtreme cli-fi. Hi debt GDP. Violence. Faith wars. Terror. Hyper competition. Lo oil & com prices. Ecos imploding.

3 hours ago

Get Ready for $10 Oil . pricing is relative. asset bubbles incl currencies & debt. Fin & eco crises. AC ecos in ICU.

Winter spreads its reach from NE to South. truly getting monstrous. Boston record snows. Xtreme climate intensifying.

Capitalism now hi over leveraging by corporates banks nations individuals. Surreal future is now. Debt @ -ve int rates. Future imploding.

Dark pools of trading & shadow banking bldg up systemic risks. Next fin meltdown not far. Complex securitization thru chain of transactions.

Era of lo & -ve int rates. Europe 2 like Japan entered -ve int rates. Apple boroing from SZ. MS long term bonds @ abt 2.5%. Imploding ecos.

Brain-2-brain communication a reality. How we did it . Limitless. Human endeavor crosses all imagination. Singularity.

Climate change is lifting Iceland – and it could mean more volcanic eruptions . hurtle into anthropocene meltdown...

Gold only hope in global roller coaster casino of currencies, commodities, esp oil, GDPs. Mounting debt. Money decline. Inflation risk.

Ocean heat content climbing so quickly that tracking chart 'broke' via . exponential rise in past 5 years.
the idea of the future being different from the present
is so repugnant to our conventional thought, that we resist. Keynes, 1937

Post Covid World

Covid has suddenly thrust the planet to the inflexion point. It is a final wake up call for humanity. Civilisation has been on a suicidal ...