Saturday, 17 January 2015

widening schisms in a bipolar globe...

during the past century, number of people killed by genocides at 100 mn is 4 times that killed in regular wars. Some of the notable genocides are Congolese by Belgians around 1900, Stalin's purges of 1930s, Nanjing, the Holocaust, Hindus in Bangladesh, Guatemala, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, North Korea, Boko Haram...the list goes on...

now with terror raising its ugly head, its difficult to forecast the shape of things to come. there are so many flash points about to happen. the battle lines are drawn. worst case scenarios are India Pakistan flare ups which are on tinder-hooks with 230 nuclear missiles trained on each side. crazy scene now with so many terror groups in Pakistan getting closer the the access of nukes. several terror groups are bragging possession of dirty bomb technology all over the world.

yemen and syria hotbeds of terror spawning  prolifically. Europe alone is supposed to have been the sourcing ground for about 3400 recruits. recruits are pouring in from all over the world in response the clarion muezzin call for jihad. the western world unrelenting in its upholding of its so called freedom of press. historically france had colonised swathes of africa to its advantage exploiting the riches of africa and enjoyed the large pool of cheap labour. germany too became a magnet for millions of turks doing menial work so wonderfully depicted in fassbinder's movies. us too has its share of immigrants.

though the world is a melting pot, but true integration of diverse races is a chimera every where. the racist and conditioned world never looses an opportunity to maintain its man and economic made social structures in place. rampant discrimination runs wild everywhere including countries like india where higher caste highly conditioned people (like people all over the world) condescendingly treat the poorer strata of society. indeed its a bipolar globe with sharp schisms tearing asunder its tenuous fabric.

the clock is indeed ticking.

second act of the greek tragedy

yesterday the Swiss franc broke free of its incestuous link with the euro. all hell broke out on the currency markets. the turmoil led to a bloodbath in the currency markets with the swiss franc appreciating sharply. in the next 24 hours it rallied 20 to 30% against the moribund euro and the supposedly relatively strong dollar in a world of weak pygmy currencies. weak global recovery compounded by further downgrading of global growth rate to 3% from 3.4% with falling crude prices and major producers not wanting to adjust outputs.

situation is a far cry from stephen lieb's seminal path breaking book oil at $200 a barrel. the roller coaster ride of the markets of currencies, commodities, capital markets, property markets, financial markets, economies is symphony of chaos, nothing is real anymore. all the standard economic books and theories have been debunked. keynes, neoclassicals, and other schools and purists have been thrown out of the window. orange is the new black.

we are indeed in a world where no rules apply. anarchy rules. sex pistols never mind the bollocks. its one 360 degree roller coaster ride spinning out of control. this is indeed the age of unlimited debt. i want everything. there are no limits to wants. just print the monies. we want it all. its one orgiastic financial system. budgeting is a thing of the past - a dinosaur banished to the museums. leverage is king. off balance sheet growth holds the key to the future. in the end nothing really matters. nothing is absolute. everything is relative. nothing is real. everything surreal. indeed we are in the age of future shockean dalian economics. free economics like free sex. its sergeant peppers lonely hearts club band. its pure LSD rush in alice in wonderland.

yes we are in a mad hatters world of jaborwocky where known conventions of propriety and economic rules do not exist. its a set of spock generation economies who are high on instant gratification, oral gratification, orgies of debt existence. living in and off the future. renege all past debts and create monstrous new ones like the unfolding greed tragedy. 

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