Tuesday, 29 December 2020


Down to the last 7 days of the most eventful, momentous year in human civilisation. Roller coaster of an year. Rate of change of tempo of extreme events accelerating and intensifying. It’s as if we are inside a blurrrr bubble .... 

we are forever transforming into the next ‘new normal’ level ... 


Christianity and capitalism go hand in hand. They have managed to commoditise Christmas, and all the motifs, narratives connected with the desert birth of Jesu Christha. 

I was just thinking both these desert Abrahamic faiths faiths are just based upon their propagators...

Whereas in Sanatan Dharma we have such a rich tapestry of profound leaders in our Puranas, Gita and Vedas .... each of them ... even the most humblest person in our history has a character and persona much richer than the linear characters Jesu and Mohamed ... 

Time we started using latest technology, multi media (including TV, Internet), marketing strategies, business models, merchandising etc to popularise our Dharma’s superstars like Ram, Krishna, Hanuman, Sita, Ganesh maybe to begin with ....

Maybe Samrasta can take a lead in building up strategies and action plan for the above 

Unless this is done now .... there will be further haemorrhage of of Sanatan children and youth towards Christian and Islamic instant fun, low moral, shiny cultures....

Away from noise 4-12-20

Great to be away for three and half months from the noisy din of cities ... especially away from the whiny wailing muezzin loudspeaker calls five times a day ..... a plaintive cry to a deaf god .. or an order to the faithfuls to congregate and offer prayers to the only real almighty .... as all the other non believers pray to idols and false gods …

Time we investigated radical mosques, preachers.... 

time to close these mosques .. 

time to mute loudspeakers in mosques 

Time to practice equality of religions 

Time rebuild temples destroyed...

Time to implement UCC 

Time to limits no of children... especially for high growth religions 

Time to stop all foreign funding of NGOs

Time to rename our country as Bharatvarsha 

Time to celebrate Sanatan Dharma


We need to prepare for the mass extinction events which will start gathering force by 2022 ... 

About 7+ bn humans will perish by 2026/30 ... 

Massive humanitarian crises in terms of:

1. Psychological issues coping with unprecedented climate havoc 

2. Large scale migrations from unliveable places due to unbearable heat, floods, storms, drought, cold ... 

3. Breakdowns of power grids, internet, water sit, food grains supply, medical services, financial systems, etc ....

4. Large scale rioting, insurgencies, wars... 

5. Pandemics, surge in cancers, autoimmune diseases, new diseases, suicides... 

5. Collapse of industrial production, agriculture, supply chain of essentials ...

Hence need for coping mechanisms for facing above disasters.... 

Om Namah Shivaya 🕉🙏🏽


Time to deracinate, decolonise our educational system especially the missionary schooling system which has totally conditioned four generations of bharatiyas post so called independence in 1947 ... when power was handed over the chamchas of the British and Moghuls like Nehru and Gandhi... 

We have lost precious 70 years ... in a bastardised Anglo Indian and Islamic culture... most of the Bollywood movies we see are deeply Islamic ... strange how 90% of Bollywood actors are Muslims while they constituted only 10% of population (though now 20%) .... 

Huge task ahead for us in de conditioning the urban population who have been deeply indoctrinated ... first step to ban missionary schools and madrasahs ... most of them covert proselytising and terror centres ...

Mile to go before we can sleep ...

Om Namah Shivaya 🕉🙏🏽


Alcohol which on a international harm index is 72 and ganja 20....yet alcohol is legal in Bharat and ganja our 20000 year old tradition is banned...

Next alcohol mostly foreign liquor is consumed by the rich ....but ganja which is consumed by the poor and sadhus and has several medicinal attributes has been banned.... 

this is indeed an assault on the Bharatiya culture ....

Om Namah Shivaya 🕉🙏🏽 

Legalising cannabis will open up an entire ecosystem of benefits ranging from hemp industry, medicinal and recreational ganja sales, entire supply chain including growing plants, processing and manufacturing the end products, tax collections by central and state governments, employment generation, health benefits. 

The British tried to suppress ganja by an act in 1899 or so in order to popularise their alcohol products like whiskey, rum, etc. Next the Rajiv Gandhi govt in 1985 criminalised it. Mainly due to pressure from USA.

Climate change 17-12-20

- More one in 10, 50, 100, 500 years extreme climate events happening each year 

- More of above events happening in a year in all continents...   leading to now more happening in each country or regions of all large countries 

- Now we have more of record heat, rain, storms, flooding, melting, cold etc events occurring each year 

- Then more of these in all countries, regions each year 

- Then more of them occurring simultaneously across all countries 

- Exponential rise in frequency, amplitude and intensity of events 

- Rising cross impact of these occurrences on economies, societies 

- Now everything a future shockean BLURRRR…


Soros is inciting lot of riots in India... he is financing lot of NGOs which are fomenting violence along with the Italian widow who heads the anti nationals in Bharat. 

Samrasta 17-10-20

Position the Samrasta app as one single window social media platform for Sanatanis for:


-Being in touch with their Temples

- becoming friends with Sanatanis locally, Bharat and abroad

- messaging to friends

- offering puja at important Temples

- getting Prasad from listed temples 

- donations to temples

- local temple functions 

- joining prayer bhajan groups

- joint yoga

- joint meditation 


Republic has exposed the establishment totally .... the police, judiciary and bureaucracy are totally corrupt.... Nehru with his blind eye to corruption since Krishna Menon’s jeep scandal in 1948 .... Dynasty gave licence to govt to be corrupt... hence even ppl like Dawood were bedfellows with congress... 

The rot is so deep now ... even Modi is helpless ... confounds me how am Italian Christian has such a strong grip over Bharat even after losing the elections so comprehensively twice ... aiding and abetting radical Muslims to maraud over Bharat and dubious missionaries of Soros penetrating to all nooks and crannies of our beloved Bharat...

Time we the people ... the followers of Sanatan Dharma should take up the cudgels and restore our ancient heritage and make Bharat pure again ...

Om Namah Shivaya 🕉🙏🏽

Jai Shri Ram 🕉🙏🏽

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Post Covid World

Covid has suddenly thrust the planet to the inflexion point. It is a final wake up call for humanity. Civilisation has been on a suicidal trip since the advent of the steam engine, electricity....the decline really started then.. these were the triggers of the so called scientific, technological, economic, capitalistic development which accelerated during the 20th century.  

Since 1960s capitalism started peaking exponentially. USA had effectively Americanised the world. The insane craze for forever growth has gripped all countries, societies, individuals on a finite planet. Climate has been collapsing since the 1970s. Inspite of several climate scientists warning the governments about the looming disaster, governments which are under the clutches of capitalists and the deep state, have turned a deaf year to their voices crying in the wilderness. And now humanity is at the crossroads.

Most the ills of today’s world emanate from rampant unregulated capitalism which lead to severe imbalances, inequalities, market distortions, hunger, poverty, violence and so on. Hence there there is need for antidotes for curbing these civilisational cancers. The majority of the world’s population have a right to spend the rest of our time left in peace. The deep state, top 0.1% have no right to usurp absolute power. 

Most likely scenario is that civilisation will collapse in another 10 years or so. But with covid perhaps humanity could probably extend the doomsday by a few decades if we reset civilisation now. Some of the options before us are given below. 

Golden chance to restart global economy through zero base budgeting by killing all carbon intensive, inessential, non value adding industries, sectors like air travel (except for absolute essential needs), tourism, luxury goods, armaments, etc. 

Since this will render millions unemployed need for world wide UBI (Universal Basic Income), helicopter money only for the poor and middle class. Bailouts only for green, sustainable sectors like food chain, basic clothing, housing, etc. 

As the unreal events start compounding like corona, multiple extreme climate collapse events, economic decline, societal upheavals, etc it will be essential to keep the population calm and occupied. Mind control, calming measures like tranquillisers, sedatives, cannabis, etc will be required by one and all as life support systems. This can be administered as medicines, through food or water. Other instruments of calming are hypnosis, tv, Netflix, yoga, meditation, chanting, Vedas and so on.

In view of the massive chaos in all economies, societies it will become imperative for governments and authorities to exercise total control over the population in order the prevent chaos, rioting, uprisings, etc. This will have several dimensions, ramifications, interdependent linkages with all sectors of the economies. The major planks of the brave new world are outlined below. 

  1. Nationalise critical industries, sectors for human life like food, healthcare, housing, daily life essentials, basic clothing. 
  2. Close stock markets, debt markets.
  3. Takeover of banks, financial institutions.
  4. Power generation and distribution.
  5. Takeover of airlines, international travel, trains, metros, long distance buses.
  6. Close surveillance of social media, internet.
  7. Take over of private wealth of top 5%.
  8. Enforced de urbanisation.
  9. Agriculture and growing food locally.
  10. Inessential imports, exports to be curbed, minimised.
  11. Online education, orders, transactions, healthcare.
  12. Revamp education curriculum especially for kids. Emphasis upon life skills and survival in an inclement world. 
  13. Reducing car usage by 80%.
  14. Efficient system of online orders, courier delivery and pick up systems. 

On a war footing reduce carbon emissions by 40/50% by end of 2021. Drastic change in our energy intensive lifestyles. 

In view of the gravity of the human predicament and situation, there is an urgent need to curb and reduce human population to a more sustainable level. A multi pronged strategy is required to fulfil this goal. Some of the measures which need to be adopted are:

  1. Sterilisation of males and females in the reproductive ages through incentives, coercion, campaigns, indoctrination, fiscal and monetary benefits and punishments,
  2. Withdrawing life support systems like ICUs, ventilators, oxygen, medication for lifestyle diseases like BP, diabetes, etc for the very old say over 90 to begin with, then progressively for 80+, 70+. These are extremely dystopic solution, but when we are living in dystopian times it call for dystopic measures. 
  3. Categorise all humans as healthy, not healthy, young (below 18), old (over 70 initially, to be brought down to 60). Reduce not healthy and old in a phased manner starting with the most burdensome ones ie most unhealthy and very old. 
  4. Legalising euthanasia and offering economic benefits for children if their old family members voluntarily opt for euthanasia. Open euthanasia or End of Life centres where we can go a painlessly pass away surrounded by our loved ones. Group euthanasia programs can be encouraged so the people find strength in numbers. 

Saturday, 21 December 2019

Sanatan Dharma: Need for removing discriminations against Hindus.


  1. Equal rights for all religions in Bharat 
  2. Hinduism not second class religion as it has been for past 870 years
  3. No more conversions, radical proselytising 
  4. Ban missionaries.  
  5. Rebuild Ram Mandir
  6. Rebuild all temples destroyed in past 870 years. Amend 2011 Act on religious places which accepts 1947 position of all destroyed temples. 
  7. Delete ‘Secular’ term inserted by Indira Gandhi during emergency in 1976. 
  8. No concessions to minorities.
  9. Implement Uniform Civil Code immediately. No multiple wives by any community.  Will reduce population growth. 
  10. Cap on number of children per couple to 1 or 2. 
  11. Temples to have loudspeakers and broadcast all prayers, etc or alternatively ban loudspeakers in mosques. 
  12. No govt control over temples.
  13. Takeover of all urban cemeteries. 
  14. Closet Moghuls, anglos to be identified. 
  15. Nationalise all properties of churches and wakfs. 
  16. Gita, vedas, upanishads teachings in all schools and colleges.
  17. Ramdev, Art of Living and others to prepare yoga, meditation, chanting courses, DVDs, programs to help humanity meet / cope with Climocalypse.
  18. Hindus, sadhus, temples have used ganja, bhang for thousands of years. Rajiv Gandhi banned them in 1985 under pressure from western world. Ironically IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) introduced by our colonial masters the British is legally sold in India and only the rich can afford it, while the the poor and rural population’s only recreational substance is banned. Both ganja and bhang should be immediately legalised for recreational and medical purposes. This will also increase tax revenues of Bharat. Most of the world is legalising cannabis. 
  19. We need to set up our Hindu Rashtra where others can stay quietly in harmony and peace with us and not impose their practices. No special privileges for other religions. No conversions of Hindus. 

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Why I love Modi and loathe myself – jottings -pre Indian elections 2019

No 1…

¨     Have benefited from English medium education and background.
¨     After 800 years of foreign dominance, India got freedom
¨     Used to join my cousins in laughing when poorer non-English medium educated relatives who made mistakes in speaking English.
¨     As a child in a used to attend Sunday school at a chapel on the ground floor of the building where I lived on the top floor. I used to keep a bible below my pillow, part of the influence from school which was under the Methodist church. I used to recite the Lord's Prayer and 23rd psalm before going to sleep. In short almost became a Christian. In school we had weekly bible study periods.
¨     Indian history was mainly Moghul and British history, ie past 800 years or so when Bharat was subjugated by these two races.
¨     Till 1980s voted for congress. Was an automatic choice. Family too had strong congress links with two grand uncles, who were educated by my grandfather, who was 19 years their senior and their ward, who participated in the freedom struggle and were Gandhians. One of then became member of the constituent assembly when it was set up in 1936. My two paternal uncles too wore khadi or hand spun cotton.
¨     Hence over the past decade or so I have realised that I belong to the top 1% elite who rule Bharat…. We too are the top 1% both in Bharat and globally in terms of wealth, income.
¨     The widening disparities in wealth both in India and the world has firmly convinced me that capitalism is responsible for the chasm…I feel ashamed that I have contributed to this state of affairs… Modi represents the have nots and the BJP represents our glorious ancient history..
¨     I remember in my childhood my maternal grandmother used to say each hair of the cow is a god…

No 2….

Truly we Bharatiyas have such a glorious ancient heritage which is well over 2500 years....we should all be proud of our heritage... long before majority of today’s world’s so called top economies / powers/ cultures / faiths were around....

Hence in the coming Indian elections, true Indians should vote for BJP and Modi which are the true nationalists ... they should keep at bay the divisive forces which want to tear India apart... by diluting ourselves...

We should strive to be a strong respected global power befitting our Glorious past... we should shed our oppressed mind set... after 800 years of subjugation under Mughals and Anglos.

No 3…..

Presently Europe being swamped by migrants from Africa and Middle East....Belgium, France, Germany, UK under siege from Islam .... most Christians not regular churchgoers or are atheists or have no religion .... if we Bharatiyas and Hindus do not support Modi we will suffer same fate...

No 4…

Pakis and terror...

Damning evidence of how terror is nurtured in Pakistan. Repeatedly attacking India. Yet I find it strange that Indians are critical of country’s efforts to deal with terrorists. How blind can we get? Sleeping with the enemy. Pakistan has been documented as a FAILED STATE. Even other Islamic countries like Saudis, other gulf nations and Indonesia have not supported Pakistan in this issue. JeM which has claimed to have killed 45 Indian soldiers, is an internationally acknowledged terrorist organisation. France, UK and USA have appealed to the UN SC to ban JeM so that their global assets can be seized. But China Pakistan’s only friend has thwarted ban on JeM for past two years at the UN SC. Within India of course the congress party is is in full support and are against any retaliatory measures.

For 70 years terrorists have been tolerated in India. Time, we controlled them otherwise they will take over Bharat. Migrants from Africa have delved deep into Europe. They are terrorising Europe.

already part of Bharat was given to fundamentalists after partition. Now they want more. Like the proverbial camel 🐪 with its head in the tent...finally like Jews we Hindus will not have a homeland

Choice is ours as Indians and Bharatiyas...

No 5…

We are living in dangerous alternative reality times where all that we knew as wrong, sinful when young being espoused by very same party which we knew as only only political of India them. For their very survival after Nehru and daughter died. A reluctant grandson was foisted upon India fueled by a massive sympathy wave of a country trying to grow out of its feudal past...after grandson met same sad fate as daughter ... again grandson’s Italian widow tried to capture gaddi... when pointed out due to being Italian could not...she instead foisted a dumb ‘his mistress voice” puppet as PM...who kept GADDI warm till great grandson would mature enough to sit on GADDI...family trying to subvert democracy through corrupt judiciary...

No 6…

Nehruvian socialism with state being at commanding heights...outlived its usefulness and the controlled economy.... crashed to lowest ever forex reserves in early 90s.. so new mantras for Bharat had to come...BJP provided the right alchemy of narrative for Bharat...in the 21st century.... Modi is the person who is going to take us to greater heights...

No 7…

Symbolic of the decline of Christianity. Most Christians not churchgoers, non-believers, agnostic or atheists. Church collections dwindling. Many churches being converted to music halls, mosques. Parallelly non-Christian population rising in Europe through migrants from Africa and Middle East. Michel Houellebecq’s masterpiece “Submission” sums up the European dilemma. Belgium, Germany, France, parts of Scandinavia non-Christians demanding their religious laws to be legalised. We are in surreal times.

India too facing similar existential crises. The original inhabitants now under threat from invaders, migrants and conversions. Bharat at cross roads. Crucial elections if Bharatiyas want to retain their identity. Globally non-Christian major faith set to become largest overtaking Christianity.

Western civilisation under attack. Hence rise of Trump. India too can only be saved from the non Bharatiyas by Modi.

No 8…


Of the two aggressive religions, Christianity is perhaps dying. Most of the so-called advanced countries are Christian majority nations. But since Nietzsche who said God is Dead more and more Christians becoming atheists, non-religionists or not going to church.

After 800 yrs of Moghul and British rule, followed by Moghul British Indian monarchy... most of bharatiyas are deeply influenced by monarchy views... true Bharatiyas dwindling race like Jews... hence this election will determine future of Bharatiyas..

Since birth of Christianity and Islam 2000 yrs ago, these two conversion-based religions account for 57% of humanity today Christians 33%, Muslims 24%. Hindus 16%, Buddhists 9%  and atheists, etc 16%     .

No 9…

The deep state .... data and information democratised .... Marshall McLuhan’s global village... the net is open to all...not easy to delete... congress deeply implicated again... nail on the coffin of the grand old party... electorate should factor this before voting... mainstream media not reporting it again... need for a revolution to lay foundations of a Bharat without shackles of the post colonial mindset ....the soft state of Gunnar Myrdal of the 1950s... Nehruvian socialism with state being at commanding heights...outlived its usefulness and the controlled economy....crashed to lowest ever forex reserves in early 90s..
the congress party has outlived its usefulness...

Congress and Nehru family should gracefully retire.... instead of creating a surreal main stream supported scenario of non Bharatiyas wanting to control the narrative .... real Bharatiyas should arise in the coming elections and help build a new fully independent Bharat...

We should unshackle ourselves and minds from our post-colonial, English medium education, Anglo, urban middle and upper middle class mindsets and start getting into the shoes of the average Bharatiya

Choice is ours as Indians and Bharatiyas... what kind of Bharat we want…


Down to the last 7 days of the most eventful, momentous year in human civilisation. Roller coaster of an year. Rate of change of tempo of ex...