Monday, 3 November 2014

Diary - Elegy- 13th feb 15

13th feb 15

Such a sick world. Never seen such scheming intolerant neighbours in my life. Lived in so many places in my life.  Never have I met such a psycho like in sobha who hates marley with so much vitriolic hatred. Apart from marley he is after everyone.  Funniest he wants to make a rule banning dogs from all common areas banishing them and their owners to the dungeons of the basements. Medieval and barbaric.

11th dec 14

sometimes i feel that one is reaching a state of nothing to say - somnolescence...a catatonic state where nothing much can be achieved in a day except the very minimum to keep going and the absolute essential external work like bank etc. have been a great procrastinator all my life. keep putting of things till the last date. this probably stems from the strong belief in the futility of existence.

16th nov 14

Yet to see interstellar ...another Nolan masterpiece...we are so insignificant in the scheme of the universe and cosmos...less than a nano speck...yet everyone is so bent on proving themselves and becoming better face of infinity we are nothing.....

18th nov 14

today we live in an era of technological excesses. anything we want is out there on the web, most of the time free or very cheap. music, movies, books...are there in abundance on the net. from childhood till about early 1990, ie the preliberalisation period, it was hard to get by anything latest. most of the films are having simultaneous releases across the world. surfeit of tv programs. all the latest serials along with the west.

14th nov 14

one third of US is covered by an arctic chill with sub zero temperatures at most places. chill will last for a week. at some places there have been over 7-9 ins of snow. all this before Thanksgiving. Everything getting topsy turvy. at some places there has been rapid fall in temperatures upto 25/30 deg F per hour. This is something very new which was the preserve of science fiction before. Movie day after tomorrow had some similar clifi plot. all most frightening for the future.

13th nov 14

drifting gradually into nothingness. can do at most few things per day. slowness has taken over. find it meaningless to speed up things. don't want much longevity. hence happy with present slowness. the nausea of the meaningless of existence is overpowering.

12th nov 14

year into its last 50 days. memorable year for humans. in a way best of times and worst of times. capitalism is rising to a crescendo with bigger, faster of everything including mankind's toys of doom - cars, planes, air conditioned malls, houses, energy intensive lifestyles....carbon emissions at highest ever levels....yes the veritable dance of the macabre. no one willing to step back and the same time financial collapses and economies in ICU mode.....qe sera sera...whatever will be will be....most of US experiencing early snows...record namah Sivai....

9th Nov 14

Year 64 on. Reminds me of the The Beatles "When I am 64"....really don't know how many years left.  Today sat with my Brother Sambhu and trapeised down memory lane. Amazing pics of our childhood..our parents...our Guru Baba (my cosmic guru) Swami Hitanand Saraswati....lot of my close cousins...we scanned a lot of keep some of them for long term digital posterity which will outlive us by several decades.

Finality is catching up. The finiteness of existence is getting closer. So indulged myself with four books from flipkart: jarred diamond- guns, godel, and murukami Norwegian wood. And also age of singularity by Raymond Kurzweil. Hope to delve a bit into each book and imbibe the essence of the books through this short fraud process.

More importantly need to make progress on NGL.

8th Nov 14

Super storm bigger than Sandy to hit Alaska and impact much of US. Chicago at almost sub zero temps. yet GOP bickering about climate change. so ironical now that we are running out of time the sceptics have come to roost. ....
trying my best to green as much as i can. but still using ac in car. i really have failed my leanings. how can i change others. used to bathe with cold water like a monk in dead of winter at mid night in Kolkata when in school. entire summers without the fan...that was the young monk who lived out his ideals ......

7th nov 14

yesterday was my 63rd birthday.,creeping closer to the oblivion...failed in implementing NGL at home. How can I expect to really get society at large to accept these almost draconian measure. its now or never.

6th nov 14

today the repubs in control of both houses...fading hopes of action on climate front...apocalypse ahead...we deserve it...


After living in Shanti Park Apts for over 20 years have moved to Sobha Dewflower about 3 weeks ago. Total rhythm of earlier constipated writing has been further compounded. Mind is able to do few things a day. gradually settling down in new apartment. Beautiful apartment. But so much change along with practical dimensions of  address change, getting new connections of cable, telephone, etc.

Must gradually get back to my bleak observations on the twilight zone of human civilization. there has already been a cold arctic blast across north america with unseasonal snow far and wide including Chicago, Today they talk about 0 emissions by 2100. Some hope they have. My gut feeling at this rate another 40 years at max for pronounced climate upheavals.

unprecedented rains in Bangalore. precipitation taking centre stage. like waiting for Godot. ostrich like no one wants to bell the cat. the charade must go on till the apocalypse.

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