Friday, 12 December 2014

future shock is of the absurd...10th jan 15

10th jan 2015
More than half of the developed world does not believe in God. Increasing numbers in developing countries question the existence of god. More than a century ago Nietzsche had said God id dead. Marx too had written religion is the opium of the masses.

Indeed we live in tormenting times where we have plundered and pillaged the planet earth in our so called quest for better technology lives. Hence we are indeed suspended on the knife edge between Scylla and Charybdis. This is as close we can get to the edge of existence where if we live in a totally godless world we are plunged to the depths of loneliness, madness, alienation and existential angst. On the other hand and extreme is a world full of godliness which can border on blindfaith and fanaticism.

Truly this is indeed an existential dilemma. On side an anthropcene monster and on the other a medieval dark ages monster. It's a clash of the past and now, a clash of civilisations which have morphed into robotesque creatures and those who are suspended in the Middle Ages. This clash is reaching epic proportion and a modern barbaric crusade age has reared its ugly head. Violence and terror due to this inimical mingling of cultures is terrifying and most unsettling.

22nd dec 14
Visited my ancestral village after 40 years. Connected with ones roots. Could sense the closeness to my ancestors. Realised how much modern technology has also made its inroads into the pristine purity of rural Orissa. Mobiles, cable and dish tv had spread their tentacles. Perhaps when I visited last there was no power.

Our ancestral house was in ruins with creepers, plants all over. Visited the school which my ancestors had founded with the name of my great grand father Ramchandra. Illustrious ancestors who contributed so much to India for a Century.

Wish I could leave the city and spend the rest of ones life there away from the maddening life of urban chaos and decay.  Feel trapped with wife and daughter not approving of such a change. So be it. Condemned to the urban prison of ones making. Forever trapped in the rat race. Feel so disoriented. Belonging no where. Still looking for a resting place.

Now daughter in Chicago. Grand daughter sbout to be born there. Such a wide spectrum. Right from rural India to the alienated existence of western metros. So difficult to accept the  fate of swinging between two diverse cultures. Though I an essential american in terms of my surreal mental makeup, but the steppenwolf in me wants to go back to my roots.

14th dec14

There is so much plastic in each moment of our lives. Right from furniture, breast implants, decorations, kitchen ware, parts of clothing, cars, condoms, toys, artificial plants, ......its a Frankenstein we have created for our so called better lifestyles..... In the classic movie of Mike Nichols Mrs Robinson Dustin Hoffman is told "there is a future in plastics". Our mall cultures is nothing but buying loads of plastic covered in plastic. So indeed there is now a disposal problem of the millions of tons of toxic plastic which are created daily by monstrous factories spewing forth most obnoxious gases into the already overburdened helpless atmosphere which is being raped and pillaged every nanosecond by us the anthropocene human race which is bent on killing and raping it's very mother the gentle pristine Earth- oedipus like.

We are so hungry for perpetual instant orgasmic gratification that every day the robot like scientists in our most prestigious labs and universities the so called seats of higher learning churn of new inorganic chemical monster compounds which are stronger lighter and capable of creating myriad toys of pleasure and instant gratification which eager private equity and venture capitalists are ready to pounce and fund from complex multi leveraged financial concoctions which rocket scientists and so called financial wizards have created through most abstruse mathematical algorithms which can be deciphered only by them.

13th dec14

Over 5 trillion plastic pieces floating in world's oceans: weighing about 270,000 tonnes. inimical impact upon fauna and flora of the oceans. micro plastic pollution will surely spell doom for the already struggling organisms of the waters. As it is the rivers all over are over polluted cess pools. Cities on the banks of the rivers are dwindling centres of commerce.

The root cause of all this is our plastic culture. This metaphorical plastic culture has insidiously penetrated all the pores and strata of our universal soul minds both of individuals and collective society at large. It has even pervaded the entire strata of the socioeconomic macrosphere consisting of industry, agriculture, services. Plastics have invaded our very existential pores. There is but a thin divide between what is real and what is plastic.

12th dec 14

power outage closes UK airspace: power outage led to massive computer failure.these are some of the early pointers to more massive outages which can completely debilitate the power grid of large parts of most developed economies. the power grid failures can also be brought of by bright dark sick hackers which many economies want to focus upon their enemy states. it seem chinese hackers are among the best and will be able to  strike deep into the rather complex US power grid system and paralyse most of urban us.

worse still are dire prognostications that the evil forces are ready to cripple the international financial system. the modern financial runs 24/7 across the globe. these wires transact zillions of transactions comprising of inter bank settlements, card settlements, forex flows, derivatives, options and futures, etc. these cumulatively are several multiples of global gdp. the leverage is mind numbing and stratospheric.

the various sci fi movies we see are but harbingers of the shape of things to come. the more scary ones the cli fi movies like day after tomorrow which mirrors the recent arctic blasts which have kept captive huge portions of us over past couple of months.

these events keep gathering momentum and ostrich like we bury our heads not wanting to see the writing on the wall. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

nothing to say...12th feb 15

12th feb 15

So much happening. isis marcing ahead.  Now US wants to start its offensive against them. This is actually a far bigger war than those in iraq and Afghanistan. This is truly a start of a war of two faiths like the medieval crusades in the 21st century.  Nostrodamus saw it all centuries ago. Clash of civilisations. Silently watching the future unfold.

16th jan 15

maunabrata (silence) is the new om nama shivaya. everything is proceeding at cross purposes. mankind is on self destruct mode. too much of weapons of mass destruction lying around for our comfort. trigger happy terrorists swaggering around like cowboys. terror models are changing from spectacular 70 mm 9/11 extravaganzas to focused micro effective strikes which can broaden the theatre over a larger canvas. hence the only option for the silent passive majority is to live and let live / kill and watch the river / blood flow a la Siddhartha style.  

9th jan 15
To do lists never end. Only with death list stops with undone items. So long most of the essential items keep getting done we carry on. For procrastinators like me some not so imp items by efflux of time reach their expiry date and get off the list by default.

11th dec 14

sometimes i feel that one is reaching a state of nothing to say - somnolescence...a catatonic state where nothing much can be achieved in a day except the very minimum to keep going and the absolute essential external work like bank etc. have been a great procrastinator all my life. keep putting of things till the last date. this probably stems from the strong belief in the futility of existence. this streak of existential angst has been there since my childhood. was an existential kid. through this procrastination i have seen that by efflux of time many issues outlive their utility and importance. this only buttresses my view that most of the things we want to do in our to do lists are really inessential.

have a list of over 40 items which never seems to finish. if two are struck out, few more join. i seem to be doing everything except what i love most - reading, blogging, music and movies. actually most can lead minimalist lives, paring out all the unnecessary frills and topping which really add no value or substance.

at a macro level all this sound and fury signifying nothing or less than that keeps every one on the toes and lot of brouhaha signifying nothing. this a sine non quo of capitalism. so its very difficult to segregate the wheat from the chaff. and crazy pr and advertising has put on the mascara and lipstick on the pallid corpse like features of existence, corporations, etc. hypercompetition and capitalism are premised upon making everything such a charade.   

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