Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Green Metrics (WIP) - 12th Sept 2014

An outline of a Green Metrics for emerging economies for flats in multistoried. The metric have been in terms of three phases. The first phase is the simplest to document and monitor. Once this stabilizes, the next phases’ additional points may be implemented. In the final phase, we can try add the more detailed points which will also throw light on further nuances of green living. Awards and point rating schemes can be introduced on a monthly and quarterly basis. A format will be appended soon.

Phase I (ideally in terms of family per caput usage)
  1. Reduction in electricity bill each month: value and points consumed.
  2. Reduction in gas cylinder usage.
  3. Reduction in water usage.
  4. Car petrol consumption reduction.

Phase II (ideally in terms of family per caput usage)
  1. Reduction of usage of ACs.
  2. Greater use of scooters.
  3. Usage of gas cylinders for cooking.
  4. Lower air travel.

Phase III – to be practiced by individuals

  1. No suits / jackets / coats during warm seasons.
  2. Less ironed clothes.
  3. Less water for car washing.
  4. Put off lights, fans when not required.
  5. Put off geysers when water warmed to adequate temperature.
  6. Greater use of stairs and less lifts.
  7. Less mobile use.
  8. Reduction in meats in diet.
  9. Less processed food. 

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