Thursday, 2 April 2015

Why climate change bothers me?

It’s not that the end is scary. Maybe cowards die a 1000 deaths…maybe because of my paranoia…due to being born after 3 miscarriages which my mother if I spent 9 months in a womb tomb where my three unborn siblings had perished before me…my mother’s fears whether this one will survive or not and see the light of day?... surely must have got transmitted to me and gotten ingrained into my dna…..the existential question to be or not to be…as expounded by the great cult hero…my all time legend and hero..the one and only Dr RD Laing…author of “facts of life” where he says that the prenatal 9 months have the greatest influence on our lives…hence my constant preoccupation with endings…death…

The other is my ability to see the future…forecasting the shape of things to come…the future shock…again the other great influence on my life…Alvin Toffler….i use to have this angst in my late teens during the late 60s and early 70s…of last century…which seems to be aeons ago now…about the dehumanisation of humanity…I used to write furiously…sometimes 70 pages a night speeding away high on Dexedrine and grass…the trigger was my sense of being schizoid because my father had dreams that I should sit for the ias exams and become a bureaucrat..not only him but also my uncles…but I had my own dreams…I loved my reading…writing…stoning…thinking…research….i could see clearly that the path humanity was taking was leading us towards dehumanisation…everyone was bent on being someone which would appear great in the eyes of society…bent on becoming richer…more powerful…society was living within layers of cocoons of deceit…false vanity…ego of being someone…anything but themselves…everything was one big lie…

The world being created around was consciously made to reflect those make belief caricatures they imagined they were…hence society designed monsters in spheres…to mimic their vanity…like outlandish cars…dresses…houses…along with all the high energy guzzling lifestyles….neon lights… cars…air conditioning….jet travel…5 star hotels and living….all this was a sure recipe for disaster I could clearly see…but my ideas and thoughts and writings were deemed mad even by my parents…but that did not deter me from pursuing my beliefs…hence I chose research as a calling and means of livelihood…

Society went on its course of aggrandizement remorselessly…corporate structures…economies…went deeper into debt and tried to out vie each other…hyper competition was  rearing its ugly gorgon medusa head…threatening to destroy everything…then came the epic crashes of enron and world com…my cries fell on deaf ears…a voice in the wilderness…

I had no qualms about the end towards which we were hurtling…in fact my anthem from the 70s was…hurtling towards 2001 and beyond….this was going be one more cycle of extinction…there were five earlier…but our problem is that we humans are domesticated family species…the animal kingdom…never had families…hence for them to face extinction was bit easier….already due to our selfish ways…and anthropogenic traits…we are responsible for so many species dying out…so our turn will come one day…either due to the robotic frankensteins we have created which will snuff us out one day in the age of singularity like in 2001 a space odyssey….or the climate which again we have destroyed with our senseless high energy carbon emitting lifestyles….in either case we are doomed…

But what hurts me is the mangled future we are bequeathing to our children and grandchildren….i can see so very clearly the surreal desolate landscape of 2030….2050…2070…my daughter would be 70 by 2050 and my granddaughter 55 by 2070….indeed an extremely sci-cli-fi surreal scenario…which is too frightening to behold…a lump in my throat because we are leaving behind our blood and flesh to face the unreal future….there is no escape… we are deep into the madness…  

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

New Grammar of Life megatrends...ongoing musings...12th may 15

New Grammar of Life Roundup consists of relevant papers, articles from various sources which try to highlight the accelerating telescoping of change based upon events impacting the environment & society which are increasingly surfacing all over the globe. These disturbing trends only reinforce the view that its now or never for us to implement radical NGL solutions which may help in decelerating and finally regress the rate of change of degradation of the environment and climate change and humanity. These disturbing events are selected randomly from web news relating to climate, environment, society, individuals, economies, finance and commercial organisations. 

The primary objective is to raise the level of awareness about the rapidly changing scenario in order to create interest in people so that a movement starts which would lead to implementation of solutions which can dampen the rate of change towards any untoward irreversible tragedy impacting mother earth and humanity as we know it.

12th may 15
Sovereign Man - Notes from the Field

April 27, 2015 
Cancun, Mexico
“One of the major problems in human nature is our deeply flawed perception of risk. We find comfort in crowds, and even in the face of the most obvious data, we adopt a herd mentality.
Right now, most major governments are insolvent, central banks are borderline insolvent, pension funds are nearly insolvent.
Financial markets are in massive bubbles. Banking systems are highly illiquid and in some cases charging their customers negative interest rates.
And yet, people allow themselves to be convinced that everything is just fine. My neighbor’s not worried, why should I be?

It’s a sign of our times that it takes so much courage to acknowledge reality.”
above is an excerpt from one of the best research newsletters in world. its a voice crying in the wilderness of usa where wall street carries on as if its business as usual. difficult to break nations and people out of the stupor and euphoria of of living in the most developed stage of humankind with technology having transformed our lives beyond recognition. this hold good for for top 5% of the world for whom the good times are always rolling on. for the next 45% its about trying to reach and catch up with the top 5% if not in actuality atleast in some pale imitation where life is in the tv shows. the bottom 50% is so busy trying to eke out a miserable existence of two square meals a day in bustees and shanty towns in leaking rooms where children are peddling drugs. yes indeed it is potpourri of lives as world lurches from crises to crisis and nature's fury is compounding every year with greater extremes of climate. paralysed we wait for godot....   

25th apr 15

  • since the 50s till recently, us fought so many wars abroad in the name of freedom and against communist regimes like in korea, vietnam, iraq, there are us commandos known as special operators in as many as 81 countries round the globe training local armies in fighting extremists, terrorists, rebel groups, etc. some of these are involved in proxy wars....this has intensified during the past decade or so...
  • HIV cases have risen in some us rural counties indicating high usage of iv use of heroin and other drugs...a frightening trend of  an affluent society sinking deeper into drugs and alcohol...these trend are actually global since there is quantum increase in youth also in emerging markets resorting to hard drugs...unfortunately alcohol which is the most harmful intoxicant is legal in all places...while a harmless and wonderful herb like ganja or cannabis is illegal....misplaced priorities of a lobby driven world where alcohol is legal and the mafia promoted lethal heroin is clubbed with harmless grass....

18th apr 15

  • russia and china want to build 5 nuclear power plants in iran. strange how a small country like iran will have so many nuke power at the cost of imperiling the planet.
  • fed tells largest us banks that they can buy municipal bonds and can use them for liquidity ratio purposes. again the fed is encouraging banks to invest in risky bonds. the bonds scenario gets scarier.
  • europe awash with -ve yield bonds. even the banking software cannot handle these deals! the realms of impossibility. 

9th apr 15
drones now to herd cattle, sheep not canines. farmers say that they do not have to feed the drones daily.

how fast we are assimilating drones, robots into our daily lives. suddenly one day we will find we are swamped by machines who can think better than us....towards the age of singularity...

5th apr 15
us has upgraded is biggest bunker buster bomb: this weapon is being tested is us. the purported reason being striking iran's nuclear facilities some of which are embedded within mountains, in case the nuclear deal fails or is breached.

its global arms race and warmongering doublespeak at its best. ironically us is trying to stop iran from developing nuclear weapons for next 10 years by working towards the nuclear deal along with few other countries. the deal is a flawed one where there is lack of clarity at several points, major one being when iran can restart its nuclear missile development and also the details on checks which us can do. the deal is also making israel paranoid. in several ways its also upsetting the middle east delicate tinderbox balance of internecine violence where already there are so many criss cross conflicting interest battles and skirmishes with the dreaded isis being latest terror on the block. 

oil of course is a central theme here which will allow iran to step up production and further aggravate the plummeting oil prices. again there is another angle of capitalism at its best by helping iran develop its nuclear power facilities where several companies are waiting in the wings to make lucre out this. just to recall, if we rewind to early 90s, a similar treaty was signed with north korea, which in a few years was undone with north korea claiming it had the nukes, and the rest is history of horror with kim flexing his fat nuclear muscles every now and then!!! indeed this as complex as global neo post bipolar world war mongering nuke politics can get.   

4th apr 15

toyota, world's largest car manufacturer, is now planning to set up new plants in china and mexico to cater to growing markets of china and us. these plants will take probably couple of years to set up. then toyota will increase its market shares in these regions. rivals volkswagen, gm and volvo are similarly upping their capacities. since the downturn in 2008, there was a glut in auto market. now again with decline in oil prices, market is promising.

this is indeed a frightening portend, one one hand govts are placing before un plans to reduce co2 emissions by 30% or so by 2025, but on the other hand there is no let up in building up huge capacities in these weapons of mass destruction like alluring SUVs, etc and more gigantic houses with all energy guzzling amenities. humankind is living in a delusional state of double think. the death wish syndrome of humanity is strengthening to fearful proportions. 

1st apr 15

Obama Administration Submits Plan for Cutting Greenhouse Gases

Part of a major global effort to curb emissions of carbon dioxide; other economies that formally submitted are EU, Mexico, Norway, Switzerland and Russia

The Obama administration formally submitted its plan for cutting greenhouse gases nearly 30% by 2025, part of a global effort this year to curb emissions of carbon dioxide.The move adds pressure on other countries—including Australia, Canada, and India—that haven’t spelled out concrete plans.
The U.S., the second-biggest carbon emitter after China, has taken a leading role in recent months in negotiations with nearly 200 nations to strike an agreement through the United Nations to rein in gases blamed for global warming. “Our target will help spur others to step forward with targets of their own,” said Todd Stern, the U.S. special envoy for climate change.
Republicans used the announcement to amplify criticism of President Barack Obama’s federal emissions rules, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell warning other countries that Congress could stand in the way of promises the White House makes in the negotiations.
Ironically there is opposition from republicans. first this obama plan maybe too little too late. then the GOP want to reduce the targets. its really a grim outlook for 2025-30. at current trends the east coast of us could face devastating snow storms. temp highs are going to be atleast 2 deg c higher. california a desert. suicidal to the core. then we say lubnitz had suicidal drive. actually society has a whole is bent on suicide for the goodies of modern life. lubnitz is a symptom of the broader malaise. 

31st mar 15 WSJ

Energy’s New Legal Threat: Earthquake Suits

In key test for industry, Oklahoma homeowner blames quake damages on wastewater wells

After an earthquake toppled her chimney, sending rocks crashing through the roof and onto her legs, Sandra Ladra didn’t blame an act of God. She sued two energy companies, alleging they triggered the 2011 quake by injecting wastewater from drilling deep into the ground.

Ms. Ladra’s lawsuit, now before the Oklahoma Supreme Court, highlights an emerging liability question for energy companies: Can they be forced to pay for damages from earthquakes if the tremors can be linked to oil-and-gas activity?

Oklahoma, with a history of mild-to-moderate seismic activity, experienced 585 earthquakes of 3.0 or greater magnitude last year—big enough to be felt indoors—according to the Oklahoma Geological Survey. That’s more than the state had in the previous 30 years combined and the most of any state in the contiguous U.S.

So far, most of the tremors under investigation in Oklahoma and other oil-producing states, including Arkansas, Kansas, Ohio and Texas, have been too small to cause major damage. But the prospect of facing juries over quake-related claims is reverberating throughout the energy industry, which fears lawsuits and tighter regulations could increase costs and stall drilling.

The mad pursuit for energy is going to leave in its wake earthquakes now and for future generations. We are plundering mother earth. deep into its innards. destabilising the delicate balance of nature and the planet. oh for that last ounce of energy...we can trade our souls and future...

Sunday, 29 March 2015

to write or not to write....nothing really matters....

30th mar 15

indeed an existential question . is there any use at all in writing / ranting out these dire predictions / analysis / views / new grammar of living solutions which seem to be falling on deaf a veritable voice crying in the wilderness... there are already a phalanx of similar and even more succinctly researched material in this regard over the past century which has fallen on deaf years. in view of this what is the use of continuing NGL.

our nihilistic society is absolutely hell bent upon hurtling on to the point of no return. like zombies they are all to deep into their mindless love for technology advance, cars (of doom), wars here, there and everywhere, exponential growth of energy usage, denuding of forests, bigger, better, faster, richer...insane activities .....which stretch ad nauseum....

actually this is a death wish of our nihilistic society. there is no way we can turn the hands of the clock back.....inexorably we are being sucked into the entails of mordor.... the self destruct genes are embedded deep with each of ying and yang...the basic duality of our existence....the biblical cain and abel story....a primordial genetic dialectical order / process...which like a self on a programmed a doomsday scenario...which like mute spectators we will witness well within the 21st century....maybe we should just learn to enjoy the toys of doom while we are here and now.... 

Post Covid World

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