Wednesday, 23 March 2016

the trumpsian dilemma before USA

today we are witnessing the classical dilemma of modern man, america and the world. politics all over is indeed a dirty game. in a way it’s power over the masses. it's a process where the vox populi is translated through elections into a government which rules entire population.

today americans are behaving as if they are aghast at the thought of donald trump winning the gop nomination and eventually the general election. they feel as if some monster is going to usurp power. the republicans feel as some rank outsider has come like a bull in a china shop and is upsetting the applecart. this applecart constituted of power brokers, lobbies at pennsylvania avenue and high places, large industry, international trade, big banks, tech titans, ultra rich billionaires led by the Koch Brothers...have practically ruled the roost for the past half century or so...this group has a vice like grip on all elected representatives in the senate and the house of representatives. these vested interests from the background call all the shots. hence democracy is just a charade..a play being directed by these behind the screen directors.

suddenly here comes a person who does not want to play according to the rules of the game. he speaks the language which the common man can relate to...not carefully crafted politicalese which has been scripted out by the powers that be. he has emerged on the main platform as a serious player like a whiff of fresh air like boris becker back in the 80s at wimbledon who swept away all opposition with his unpredictable and fresh style of play. here is a maverick who is original, speaks from the heart, creating his own logic of world view for america which can make it great again.

the rest of the candidates lined up against him look like mannequins, slick well combed hair, plastic, tv stars, well manicured, spouting fixed lines… in front of the formidable trump they look pathetic, puny, malleable, dolls, vapid, devoid of personality… suddenly it seems as if america has been ruled by these puppets for generations...maybe FDR was the last great US president and the rest puppets except obama who too could not stand up to the machinations of the mafia who had tied his hands...sometimes on a clear day you can see forever… this surreal drama now has laid bare the drama which was being played out in the name of presidency….maybe kennedy did not fit the bill….so he had to be removed...later his brother robert...when for one brief shining moment there was camelot….

rubio looks definitely like an ad for brylcreem with with almost gayish overtones and features...cruz look too well manicured...and smooth looking...both of them lack depth and weak sticks which deserved to be blown away by the trump tornado...on the other side there is a jaded hilary pouting her words like a well trained parrot….only sanders has some substance which maybe can withstand the trump gale..but lacks an overpowering personality to counter the trump bully…

donald reminds me of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest where McMurphy was the one saw through the machinations of Nurse Ratched (establishment)...he really wants to liberate the american people from the clutches of the lobbyists... he might be a colourful personality … but that does not detract one mite the missiles he has been hurling at the frightened confused establishment smug after decades of ruling the they are striking back with vengeance at donald with costly ads pointing out his minor warts and flaws with all seriousness...the more they attack him..the greater his stature seems to grow...nothing sticks to him..a knight in shining teflon armour to whom nothing sticks…

sad this toon war is being played out primetime in front of whole world...degenerating to penile strength clowns,,,even the democrat debates are cliche driven politicalese through heavy filters...hilary is a predictable jaded joke...only sanders is a freak with some sense and intellect… indeed surreal …analysts are saying Trump is 5th material in  terms of mental development and grammar. However highly the others had been educated but finally all that learning last not benefitted the nation during the past 70 years or so. Now the trend is school dropouts have set up the most successful products and businesses in US like Jobs, Bill Gates, et al. trump being a successful business man  would be a sound person i guess to set things right with his strong common sense approach.

america is indeed caught between the scylla and charybdis..the irony of modern times..a defining paradox of 21st century...inequalities rising, real income falling, deficits crossing all sane limits,  violence increasing, terror upping the ante,  racism rampant, drugs, rising trade deficits, unemployment up, healthcare in shambles, corruption spinning out of control, police atrocities……

so who do they turn to for same set of people who are responsible for past rot...or a don quixote who could deliver them from the mess,,,they are in...

Indeed it's difficult for even me to reconcile that how deep the american malaise a way it is indeed a let down for me after having been a great star struck fan at an highly impressionable age of the kennedys...the magical years when there was camelot for one brief shining was young and was smitten by apparent glitz and glitter like rock n roll...this was also the period when anti establishment movement reached its peak with rock n roll peaking leading to woodstock.  

But the nixons, reagans, bushes played their narrow oil agenda at the cost of all other far more important agenda which were moved out of sight, soon goldman sachs ceos adorned the treasury functions of the govt. Clearly reason and saner economic agenda were pushed down the priority list….demoniacal financial thughs ruled the roost,  the fiscal deficit burgeoned beyond all sane proportions...the age of air conditioned economies had begun...japan was the first when it entered the loog loog tunnel of recession and quasi negative interest rates in the early 90s... from which it is still to extricate itself from..

Against this long term backdrop in governance of the country was was not truly based upon strategic good for the many...the was a lot of hope on obama...but even his hands were tied,,perhaps its time to break on through to the other side...and start anew from zero base budgeting ….

The time has perhaps come for us to take a decisive lead in global affairs instead of sinking into mediocrity...maybe trump with his fresh, basic and common sense thinking could lift usa from this quagmire.

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