Monday, 3 July 2017

NGL’s Radical Core Manifesto for averting Climocalypse: Survival Kit

This contains the most radical measures of New Grammar of Living which are needed to be implemented if we need to become in one year's time zero carbon and environmental degradation. 

Climate objectives:

Try to halt and reverse the relentless march of climate change through back to nature movement…

Strategic climate policies

All government, education, commercial, manufacturing, infrastructure, logistics, agriculture and food, environment, transportation, administration bodies/organisations/social groups/etc will need to recast their strategic objectives / action plans in terms of priorities aligned with the needs associated with coping and combating and reversing rapid climate change, environmental degradation….

Climate Measures

1.    Stop using air conditioning and heating for temperatures between 10C and 30C in cold countries and up to 35C in warm countries across the world.

2.    Running hot and cold water to be stopped except in hospitals. 

3.    Stop using internal combustion engine cars, SUVs, vans, and all kind of trucks except for food transport, medical needs.

4.    Ban usage of washing machines, dryers, dish washing machines due to their intensive use of water and power. 

5.    Stop usage of fossil fuel and other non-renewable energy production except in hospitals. 

6.    Strict family planning and population control / reduction through one child limits and no child rules in required cases. 

7.    Closure of all non-essential manufacturing units. All products to be subject to strict water and carbon limits. Products to be water and carbon positive. 

8.    Planned and sparing use of lifts.  

9.    No neon and bright lighting.

10. Strict water control and caps on uses. Rationing of potable water.

11. Limiting cloud usage of all social network websites. 

12. Ban on smoke emitting activities.

13. Clamp down on non-green conspicuous consumption.

14. Reduce high carbon agriculture.

15. Reduce air travel by 75%. Permit only essential and humanitarian travel. All other travel by bus, train, etc to be based up urgency, essential services, critical industries…

16. No new coal plants. Phased closure of existing coal plants in one year framework. Stop new hydel projects.

17. No ironing of clothes. Ban on suits above 20C. 

18. Phase out non-vegetarian food. Water intensive meats first. 

19. Climate police, surveillance, information, networks, etc to be set up for ensuring strict implementation with stringent 360 deg punishment process. Existing departments in these areas to work closely with climate bodies and report to them.

20. Ministry of Climate with overarching powers to eradicate the root causes which have led the present climocalypse state….

Strategic Initiatives

1.    Top priority to climate, environment studies and research at all educational, technology institutions. 

2.    Climate change mitigation plans for top 1000 cities of the world. 

3.    Map all major geographical locations, especially those which could be safe in terms of potential climate changes and events, and prepare historical grids of temperature, rainfall, flooding, aquifer levels, storms, etc. Then applying auto regressive models make projections for next 30-50 years. Arrive at best places to stay during 2050-2100. 

4.    Similar research for top cities and try to find out their respective breaking points in terms of becoming inhabitable due to action of one or more of climate perils / hazards as they increase exponentially. 

5.    Prepare action plans for shifting/ migration population from collapsing cities when clichange intensifies to the safe places identified from above research. 

6.    Climate proof ratings for cities, buildings, complexes, organisations, homes. 

7.    Green action plans for cities, buildings, complexes, organisations, homes.

8.    Deurbanisation action plans.

9.    Decarbonisation action plans. To include reducing cars on roads. Stop producing internal combustion engine cars. 

10. Rehabilitation and restructuring action plans for implementing Climate Action Plans under which many carbon intensive products and industries are going to be banned, controlled, phased out, remodelled, merged, closed for individuals, companies, sectors, industries. 

11. Universal income scheme of Zuckerberg especially since several industries like car, fossil fuel based, etc would need to close.

12. Carbon and water values for all consumer products, food, buildings, manufactured items. 

13. Carbon and water monitoring and meters for homes, offices, buildings, complexes, organisations and cities. 

14. Above points 6 to 13 to be linked to salary structures, individual and company tax rates, GST, interest rates both for deposits and loans.

15. Processes and systems for all above. 

Strategic Coping Plans for Climate Change

Espouse, write, help in implementing radical or moderate versions of the following action points: 

1.    Heat Action Plans for cities and rural areas.
2.    Flood action plans. 
3.    Sea level rise action plans
4.    Back to nature and roots movements for urban people.
5.    Integrated climate plan for alternative lifestyles and eco systems for Zero carbon societies. 

The above list is not a comprehensive or exhaustive one. Further details of the above will be published in this blog periodically…each of the above points need to be expanded and fleshed out into draft action plans….then maybe with the collaborations of educational and research institutions these drafts can be finalised….next get in touch with agencies which can implement these and convince them about the usefulness of these action plans for combatting climate change… we must try to minimise the ravages of climocalypse by being better prepared….

Urgent need for Holistic Manifesto for combating CLIMOCALYPSE

Today we are at the most critical crossroad of human history...we have reached or crossed tipping points in most spheres...this juncture of human history is characterised by the following mega trends: 

  • population has crossed 7 bn which is far beyond what the resources of our dear planet can support...

  • debt levels of the globe are highly over leveraged at least three times total GDP of all countries at about $ 300 trillion ... if we include derivatives the financial weapon of mass destruction then the debt to GDP ratio could be in the numbing 10 to 20 range...

  • urbanisation is reaching unsustainable proportions thanks to proliferation of media and transportation which is making it easy for rural population to migrate to cities in search of modern lifestyles, jobs, education and better prospects .... resulting in growth of urban concrete jungles with attendant nightmarish problems of heat stress, garbage disposal, sewerage, pollution, crime and violence, water scarcity. Urban areas which constitute only 1% of global land mass emit 60% of carbon....

  • rampant high energy / carbon intensive lifestyles due to cars, ACs, surfeit of electrical, consumer durable & electronic gadgets, air travel....

  • societal transformation marked by rise of divorces, single parents, permissiveness, drugs, guns, tv and entertainment.....

  • rise of tech, Internet and AI which are now synonymous with life with the ubiquitous mobile becoming our alter ego......our robotesque future close at hand.. and the hurtle towards the age of singularity ….

  • widening inequalities across the world giving rise to dissatisfaction with political parties of past, inner cities and slums, decline in effective demand a prerequisite for keeping the wheels of capitalism moving, ….

  • surge of migrants due to inclement climate, religious persecution and terror, .....

  • Wars and some extent both are intertwined... terror has made inroads into Europe... and the proliferation of nukes and especially the nuke programs of Iran and North Korea are creating global tension mainly after Trump's arrival.....but what is probably as scary is the possibility of terror groups acquiring nukes or dirty bombs along with fallen states like Pakistan with large nuke piles....

Though each of the above is game stopper by itself ...the combined cross impact of these paints a very grim picture...but last but not least it is climate change which is fast threatening to become the ultimate game changer....climate change (clichange) is also integrally intertwined with most of the above mega trends....except for the probability of a nuclear war, clichange is 100% probability event which is insidiously spreading its tentacles on all parts of the globe with increasing frequency, intensity and amplitude...through unusual unseasonal extreme weather events, global warming especially at the poles, urban heat stress, increasing precipitation and resulting flooding, storms and tornados, rising sea levels, snow, pollution, dust storms, warming oceans....

Post Covid World

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