Friday, 31 July 2015

NGL trends accelerating...

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Almost a break of two months since last post. What can one say...there is so much to write and yet the futility of it all. The trends outlined in NGL are becoming more pronounced and probably accelerating. Some significant events / new light / research...
  • More findings on large cities like Washington, D.C. which is sinking. Other cities like Kolkata are built on such soft subsoil that they would sink precipitously if there was a 6.5 Richter earthquake. This is leading to a surmise that the actions of anthropocentric humans in building mega cities is like piling up thousands of tons of concrete, steel and glass on narrow bases which must be exerting tremendous pressure on the hapless patches of land on which they have been constructed. 
  • Sea levels are set to rise by much more than earlier estimated. The rise by multiple meters is indeed worrisome. All the more since coastal cities are sinking. there is apprehension in US that there a probability that coastal cities would get inundated by rising sea levels which would get exacerbated by acceleration of the arctic and Antarctica ice shelves. globally there are several coastal cities which face flooding like several in India, south east asia, europe.
  • the series of vicious storms which were created in inland USA after heavy rains for long periods which lead to saturated soil which fueled conditions for fresh storm creation, notably in Texas, Florida, etc. unprecedented precipitation and flooding spreading across most continents. 
  • gradually more economies are moving towards bankruptcy. Greece is the first one to bite the dust. there are several more waiting in the wings. interest rates have turned negative in more than 20 countries. even the richest nation  US has govt debt of $ 18 tr. some huge govt corporations have become bankrupt like the national highway authority. some more are one way...already in moribund states.
  • it is as if most countries are slipping into comatose states...and being administered calibrated doses of debt, taxes, subsidies, deficit financing, revive their sinking pulse rates / economies...some have been put on ventilator one daring to pull the plug...rising violence, crime, riots...being quelled by police and military apparatus...few bright spots are there...too few..far and in between..mostly in asia...but overall global economy in doldrums..
  • to add to the deadly cocktail..of climate change, economic collapse...the dreaded sceptre of terror...lead by ISIS and formation of the Islamic Caliphate with ambitious global takeover indeed a most debilitating body blow to a world already reeling under the twin impacts of climate change and economic bankruptcy..
  • an unreal surreal scenario of horrific proportions unfolding with absolute certainty...few days ago...there were twelve incidents in 24 hours of lasers being directed at commercial air flights in new jersey...frightening indeed..air travel may become unsafe...drones every lasers..dirty bombs with some dreaded terrorist strains of viruses..mosquitoes....its indeed a free for all... mankind forging ahead gamely with hope that this is just a bad dream..a suffocating nightmare...out of which we shall awake..and find all this is not true..just a figment of imagination...not real...nothing is real...nothing really matters...nothing is absolute...everything is relative...

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