Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Deconstruction of History

Written on 9th October 2012

Most of the history we have been taught or has been indoctrinated into our conditioned minds is extremely linear, colored and interpreted by the socio-economic-political world view of the particular ruling class through their lenses and suiting their scheme of things.

Now with advent of advanced IT and data management tools, it's possible to splice and dice and deconstruct history which makes it most useful for human kind. Now we can deconstruct history like a rubrics cube where keeping certain parameters common we can see the dependent variables which are correlated. 

This will help us in identifying the inflexion points where history tends to repeat itself. This can be a powerful predictive tool which can perhaps help us avoiding similar pit holes in the future. It can also help in improving responses to similar stimuli. 

This will also help us creating models which will help simulating possible scenarios in order to select the best possible desired future. Hope to build a simple model based upon first principles and present it in this blog some day.

Apocalypse Sandy

Written on 30th October 2012

It's a grim worst case scenario unfolding right in front of our eyes as Sandy is devastating eastern US. Apocalypse now. Rain, hail, snow, floods, fires, hurricane speed wind, blizzards, falling trees, widespread property destruction, flooded subways, massive power outages..

Humankind has relentlessly pursued blind suicidal technological progress which has pillaged mother earth. Bigger, better, faster... Richer, rampant consumerism, larger malls, high energy lifestyles, bigger cars, jets, air conditioning, tv channels, mobile usage, and the list goes on and on.

Is it too late to reverse the changes? Probably. The blind chase for lucre. Increasing inequalities. Is there no way out of this labyrinth?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

40k feet above sea level

Written on 13th Nov 2012

Amr Diab @ 40k ft above sea level. Traveling by Etihad from Bangalore to Chicago. Pleasantly smashed. Rushing to Family. Nothing is real.

Amr Diab is Arabia cosmic (an amazing band from Egypt courtesy Etihad Airlines). Is there anything beyond except the last kick? How I miss my Mother today as I am sixty plus. It's almost time to leave. Nothing is left as we are cruising at forty k feet above sea level which is rising every day. Where are we going? To Noah’s Ark? Sandy and Neelam have left very Indelible impressions of shape of things to come.

Obama has returned. But essentially it's a Hobson’s choice between the devil and the deep sea. More of deficits and big government or stark capitalism. Mankind following its most evolved nation has succumbed to the mindless race for more of everything.

Three large scene changers: economic meltdown, human nature transformation and climate future shock. Where are we going? The New Grammar of Living probably could turn back the clock from doomsday. But it's difficult to reverse the human mindset clock with all the gadget and technological enticements compounded by the all pervading TV and internet which like big brother oversees all in our lives.

All these three global tectonic game and life changers have insidiously entrenched themselves into the heart of human civilization. Each and all of them have crept in gradually aided and abetted by so called societal and technological progress which human civilization has desired so blindly.

It's truly death wish which has hurtled the human race into this blind alley which has no way out. Is there no way out of this imbroglio? All the escape routes we have blocked ourselves. The ultimate cul-de-sac stares humanity at its face.

Amazing how accurate the ages old Mayan prophesy has been. This winter of discontent is brimming over with harbingers like Sandy and Neelam. It's perhaps too late to undo the irreversible climate changes. What are we going to leave for our future generations ..... A ravaged mother earth, a rapidly mutating human race and crumbling economic systems. Is there no way out of this said the joker to the thief. 

Role of the Family

The human family, though it is the most evolved among all mammals as a living unit, is also the root cause of most of humanity's sufferings and problems. The largest Achilles heel of human kind is its propensity to amass wealth and property for their progeny and next generation, irrespective of whether they are deserving of such largess without having to slog for it. 

Most of the ills of society stem from greed and avarice. Human are also the most selfish and corrupt. Because of their superior intelligence they are capable of being more devious than other creatures. Most of their superior attributes go towards becoming richer and powerful. 

At the base of it all is the desire gain some kind of permanence. Though we know we are mortal, but still we still feel our wealth and power will live on through our next and future generations. Hence the family  in spite of being a source of happiness is also the major cause of most of the suffering of humanity.  

Monday, 28 July 2014

Rational hope

Need to create a framework for:

Human hope ranging from rational to irrational
Identifying the events associated with them
- assigning probabilities to the events (ie occurrence of each of he events)
- arriving at the composite probabilities
- if > 50% then hope positive and vice versa
- high correlation between positive...associated outcomes of hope/s and illnesses

Hence the secret is not live too much on hope and prayers for certain positive or wanted outcomes....

Need to structure the parameters of hope / s
- maybe assign weights or range of weights to these hopes or positive events or events.

Possible human life is a sequential series of these hopes...and the art of coping up with the unfolding events both positive and negative outcomes

A person who is able to accept the the sequential of outcomes which thread together to be called life with equanimity...who emerge from the roller
 coaster ride of life unscathed are the true survivors.....

Post Covid World

Covid has suddenly thrust the planet to the inflexion point. It is a final wake up call for humanity. Civilisation has been on a suicidal ...