Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bees disappearing..yet another species bites the dust..

Yet another species is gradually moving towards extinction. Today bees in US have decreased dramatically over past few years. They are crucial in the chain of life in nature as they pollinate and sustain birth and growth of several fruit and nuts. Few days ago there was a report of some species of fish dying and being washed ashore on the beaches of California. They live on some algae which is disappearing due to the increasing acid content in the oceans. This acidity is disturbing the delicate ecological balance in the oceans. Most of these rather disturbing news of endangered spices has been intensifying over the past decade.

Yet humans continue their plundering ways with more energy intensive lifestyles and more cars, SUVs, air conditioning, higher carbon emissions. It's life and business as usual for mankind with scant respect for the fauna and flora. The anthropocene era is certainly the doom and hubris of the human race. Climate change is inexorably becoming more pronounced. Yet humans like frogs in water which is heating are lulled into a sense of complacency. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Marriage a fading institution...

The latest US Research shows that only one in three millennial mothers below thirty are married. Earlier Research showed that over 50% of mothers in US and UK are single parents. The trends are very clear. Most people in western societies prefer to stay alone. Gradually these trends are also surfacing in advanced emerging large cities like Mumbai. Recently rising proportion of young marriages are breaking down in the first year only,

Same trends are holding in Central Europe, Scandinavia, etc. married couples are reluctant to clearly and honestly enunciate their expectations from each other prior to tying the knot. Hence there is fair amount of disappointment in the early years of wedlock. Most young people are becoming fiercely individualist. They are not willing to adjust a wee bit to to each other's differences in living habits.

In many advanced countries, young people have started keeping pets. And in some more advanced singly youngster keep large electronic toys and sex toys. Even robots of the opposite sex are popular.

In US, there are now 57 MN pet dogs and 46 mn pet cats. Virtually 50% of households have dogs and  40% cats. The pet industry is a multi bn industry. This indicates alienation is at all time high.

People are increasing resorting to digital lives. Siri of iPhone is a companion. The all omnipresent TV     is watching everyone  like in 1984. Surveillance cameras are recording every minute of our lives a la Truman a Show style. The ubiquitous smart phone is a constant companion.

Sexual preferences are changing. It's no longer the tradition choices at work. Myriad
combinations of kinky and experimental are in vogue.

Even fertility is on a sharp decline. All kinds of surrogate and other fertility methods are being practised. Gradually human race is morphing into Kurzweils'Age of Singularity.

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