Sunday, 23 November 2014

Countdown to Paris 2015 - 9th dec 15

9th jan 15

The Guardian

12th dec 14
Daily sophisticated papers are being published on pros and cons of burden sharing of carbon sharing along with complex formulae. Now it has degenerated into a debate on who (which country) has declared its peak emission year, who has not, developing countries crying that they should be given a chance to give their citizens a chance to enjoy so called higher standards of living. No one has the guts to stand up like a prophet at the cost of being ridiculed that the very edifice of human civilisation based upon high energy usage is faulty.

Too many big lobbies out there to fatten their purses like energy, autumobile, steel, construction and infrastructure of nightmares called cities comprising a lifeless tall monolithic structures called high rises and skyscrapers, digital and Internet based objects of pleasure and so called communication like mobiles tablets etc which are crowding all the atmosphere around us with various spectrum like 2g, 3G, 4g, consumer delights and so called necessities and objects de desire like fridges, micros, air conditioning, garments, cosmetics....the list is endless paved with hedonism leading to hell or extinction....

Humanoids which are fast morphing into robotic androgynous gargoyles are too deep into their sheer technology and industry based existences that they cannot think of reversing their insane hurtle into bigger, better and faster of everything.

Lima and Paris will be just charades which will work on some acceptable limits which will not curbs the crazy human push for so called scientific and technological progress. Ostrich like with heads buried they will talk of a distant 2100 when temperatures may rise by 2 deg C knowing fully well at the current trends the 2 deg limit will be breached well before the distant 2100 time frame. Already frightening climate changes wreaking havoc in advanced northern hemisphere western world. Crop patterns gone awry. Everyone influenced by climate sceptics says that all is fine and that there is no firm evidence of global warming or climate change. And the story goes on....

9th dec 14
ironically every on is bickering about increasing no of cars and low proportion roads. bogota has come out with solutions like alt days even and odd numbers. no cars in cbds. yet at the same time the large manufacturers are coming out with more powerful and faster cars. crude prices at five year low. car pollution has brought down the largest metropolises to a smoggy standstill. the made love to cars goes on . bigger better faster. no one has the guts to reduce car production. two wheelers and walking along with low energy lifestyles only way of this morass.  

7th dec 14
Complex situation. Devd Ecos which already spew majority of current co2 emissions like USA 25%, Europe not much behind. In terms of cumulative emissions over past century the contribution of the west would be an overwhelming 80%. Now developed Ecos are telling developing Ecos who are less that 20% or so of emissions that they should reduce more since they have larger populations but lower per capita emissions mainly because they have higher upside for growth. It's unfair to curb the growth potential because their numbers are high.

For a fair view developed Ecos should reduce their emissions by over 50% since they are facing the most threatening proportions of extreme climate. They have to reduce their per capita emissions by  50% of their cuurent usage. This will be fair in terms of equity.

26 nov 14
nations are bickering on who should reduce carbon emissions most. one of the major issues is polluting energy. there is not much clarity on curbing large cars, air conditioning, energy intensive large multistoried, air travel, small is beautiful should take centre stage. new grammar of living outlined earlier is a good solution, need for psycho social counselling. who will bell the cat.

24th nov 14

all nations are going through the motions of posturing, blaming one bloc or the other. blame games as we are sinking.,

its a now or never situation. first time the nations have realised that time for living in self denial is   over. tomorrow is now, we need to act as on is yesterday,.

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