Sunday, 25 June 2017

Yogi's Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Plan: Espouse, write, help in implementing radical or moderate versions of the following action points: 

1.       Heat Action Plans for Indian cities and rural areas.
2.       Flood action plans. 
3.       Climate proof ratings for cities, buildings, complexes, organisations, homes. 
4.       Green action plans for cities, buildings, complexes, organisations, homes.
5.       Deurbanisation action plans.
6.       Decarbonisation action plans. To include reducing cars on roads. Stop producing internal combustion engine cars. 
7.       Back to nature and roots movements for urban people.
8.       Integrated climate plan for alternative lifestyles and eco systems for Zero carbon societies. 
9.       Rehabilitation and restructuring action plans for implementing Climate Action Plans under which many carbon intensive products and industries are going to be banned, controlled, phased out, remodelled, merged, closed for individuals, companies, sectors, industries. 
10.   Universal income scheme of Zuckerberg especially since several industries like car, fossil fuel based, etc would need to close.
11.   Carbon and water values for all consumer products, food, buildings, manufactured items. 
12.   Carbon and water monitoring and meters for homes, offices, buildings, complexes, organisations and cities. 
13.   12 linked to salary structures, individual and company tax rates, GST, interest rates both for deposits and loans.
14.   Processes and systems for all above. 

The above list is not a comprehensive or exhaustive one. Further details of the above will be published in this blog periodically…each of the above points need to be expanded and fleshed out into draft action plans….then maybe with the collaborations of educational and research institutions these drafts can be finalised….next get in touch with agencies which can implement these and convince them about the usefulness of these action plans for combatting climate change… we must try to minimise the ravages of climocalypse by being better prepared….

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