Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Post Covid World

Covid has suddenly thrust the planet to the inflexion point. It is a final wake up call for humanity. Civilisation has been on a suicidal trip since the advent of the steam engine, electricity....the decline really started then.. these were the triggers of the so called scientific, technological, economic, capitalistic development which accelerated during the 20th century.  

Since 1960s capitalism started peaking exponentially. USA had effectively Americanised the world. The insane craze for forever growth has gripped all countries, societies, individuals on a finite planet. Climate has been collapsing since the 1970s. Inspite of several climate scientists warning the governments about the looming disaster, governments which are under the clutches of capitalists and the deep state, have turned a deaf year to their voices crying in the wilderness. And now humanity is at the crossroads.

Most the ills of today’s world emanate from rampant unregulated capitalism which lead to severe imbalances, inequalities, market distortions, hunger, poverty, violence and so on. Hence there there is need for antidotes for curbing these civilisational cancers. The majority of the world’s population have a right to spend the rest of our time left in peace. The deep state, top 0.1% have no right to usurp absolute power. 

Most likely scenario is that civilisation will collapse in another 10 years or so. But with covid perhaps humanity could probably extend the doomsday by a few decades if we reset civilisation now. Some of the options before us are given below. 

Golden chance to restart global economy through zero base budgeting by killing all carbon intensive, inessential, non value adding industries, sectors like air travel (except for absolute essential needs), tourism, luxury goods, armaments, etc. 

Since this will render millions unemployed need for world wide UBI (Universal Basic Income), helicopter money only for the poor and middle class. Bailouts only for green, sustainable sectors like food chain, basic clothing, housing, etc. 

As the unreal events start compounding like corona, multiple extreme climate collapse events, economic decline, societal upheavals, etc it will be essential to keep the population calm and occupied. Mind control, calming measures like tranquillisers, sedatives, cannabis, etc will be required by one and all as life support systems. This can be administered as medicines, through food or water. Other instruments of calming are hypnosis, tv, Netflix, yoga, meditation, chanting, Vedas and so on.

In view of the massive chaos in all economies, societies it will become imperative for governments and authorities to exercise total control over the population in order the prevent chaos, rioting, uprisings, etc. This will have several dimensions, ramifications, interdependent linkages with all sectors of the economies. The major planks of the brave new world are outlined below. 

  1. Nationalise critical industries, sectors for human life like food, healthcare, housing, daily life essentials, basic clothing. 
  2. Close stock markets, debt markets.
  3. Takeover of banks, financial institutions.
  4. Power generation and distribution.
  5. Takeover of airlines, international travel, trains, metros, long distance buses.
  6. Close surveillance of social media, internet.
  7. Take over of private wealth of top 5%.
  8. Enforced de urbanisation.
  9. Agriculture and growing food locally.
  10. Inessential imports, exports to be curbed, minimised.
  11. Online education, orders, transactions, healthcare.
  12. Revamp education curriculum especially for kids. Emphasis upon life skills and survival in an inclement world. 
  13. Reducing car usage by 80%.
  14. Efficient system of online orders, courier delivery and pick up systems. 

On a war footing reduce carbon emissions by 40/50% by end of 2021. Drastic change in our energy intensive lifestyles. 

In view of the gravity of the human predicament and situation, there is an urgent need to curb and reduce human population to a more sustainable level. A multi pronged strategy is required to fulfil this goal. Some of the measures which need to be adopted are:

  1. Sterilisation of males and females in the reproductive ages through incentives, coercion, campaigns, indoctrination, fiscal and monetary benefits and punishments,
  2. Withdrawing life support systems like ICUs, ventilators, oxygen, medication for lifestyle diseases like BP, diabetes, etc for the very old say over 90 to begin with, then progressively for 80+, 70+. These are extremely dystopic solution, but when we are living in dystopian times it call for dystopic measures. 
  3. Categorise all humans as healthy, not healthy, young (below 18), old (over 70 initially, to be brought down to 60). Reduce not healthy and old in a phased manner starting with the most burdensome ones ie most unhealthy and very old. 
  4. Legalising euthanasia and offering economic benefits for children if their old family members voluntarily opt for euthanasia. Open euthanasia or End of Life centres where we can go a painlessly pass away surrounded by our loved ones. Group euthanasia programs can be encouraged so the people find strength in numbers. 

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Post Covid World

Covid has suddenly thrust the planet to the inflexion point. It is a final wake up call for humanity. Civilisation has been on a suicidal ...