Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Deconstruction of History

Written on 9th October 2012

Most of the history we have been taught or has been indoctrinated into our conditioned minds is extremely linear, colored and interpreted by the socio-economic-political world view of the particular ruling class through their lenses and suiting their scheme of things.

Now with advent of advanced IT and data management tools, it's possible to splice and dice and deconstruct history which makes it most useful for human kind. Now we can deconstruct history like a rubrics cube where keeping certain parameters common we can see the dependent variables which are correlated. 

This will help us in identifying the inflexion points where history tends to repeat itself. This can be a powerful predictive tool which can perhaps help us avoiding similar pit holes in the future. It can also help in improving responses to similar stimuli. 

This will also help us creating models which will help simulating possible scenarios in order to select the best possible desired future. Hope to build a simple model based upon first principles and present it in this blog some day.

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