Saturday, 21 December 2019

Sanatan Dharma: Need for removing discriminations against Hindus.


  1. Equal rights for all religions in Bharat 
  2. Hinduism not second class religion as it has been for past 870 years
  3. No more conversions, radical proselytising 
  4. Ban missionaries.  
  5. Rebuild Ram Mandir
  6. Rebuild all temples destroyed in past 870 years. Amend 2011 Act on religious places which accepts 1947 position of all destroyed temples. 
  7. Delete ‘Secular’ term inserted by Indira Gandhi during emergency in 1976. 
  8. No concessions to minorities.
  9. Implement Uniform Civil Code immediately. No multiple wives by any community.  Will reduce population growth. 
  10. Cap on number of children per couple to 1 or 2. 
  11. Temples to have loudspeakers and broadcast all prayers, etc or alternatively ban loudspeakers in mosques. 
  12. No govt control over temples.
  13. Takeover of all urban cemeteries. 
  14. Closet Moghuls, anglos to be identified. 
  15. Nationalise all properties of churches and wakfs. 
  16. Gita, vedas, upanishads teachings in all schools and colleges.
  17. Ramdev, Art of Living and others to prepare yoga, meditation, chanting courses, DVDs, programs to help humanity meet / cope with Climocalypse.
  18. Hindus, sadhus, temples have used ganja, bhang for thousands of years. Rajiv Gandhi banned them in 1985 under pressure from western world. Ironically IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) introduced by our colonial masters the British is legally sold in India and only the rich can afford it, while the the poor and rural population’s only recreational substance is banned. Both ganja and bhang should be immediately legalised for recreational and medical purposes. This will also increase tax revenues of Bharat. Most of the world is legalising cannabis. 
  19. We need to set up our Hindu Rashtra where others can stay quietly in harmony and peace with us and not impose their practices. No special privileges for other religions. No conversions of Hindus. 

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