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Sanatan Dharma: Need for removing discriminations against Hindus.


Equal rights for all religions in Bharat Hinduism not second class religion as it has been for past 870 yearsNo more conversions, radical proselytising Ban missionaries.  Rebuild Ram MandirRebuild all temples destroyed in past 870 years. Amend 2011 Act on religious places which accepts 1947 position of all destroyed temples. Delete ‘Secular’ term inserted by Indira Gandhi during emergency in 1976. No concessions to minorities.Implement Uniform Civil Code immediately. No multiple wives by any community.  Will reduce population growth. Cap on number of children per couple to 1 or 2. Temples to have loudspeakers and broadcast all prayers, etc or alternatively ban loudspeakers in mosques. No govt control over temples.Takeover of all urban cemeteries. Closet Moghuls, anglos to be identified. Nationalise all properties of churches and wakfs. Gita, vedas, upanishads teachings in all schools and colleges.Ramdev, Art of Living and others to prepare yoga, meditation, chanting courses, D…
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Climate Reporting & Information Systems

Pic by Sanjeev Das Mohapatra: Bird Sanctuary at Mangaljodi, Odisha, India

Climate change is accelerating. In spite of extreme climate events increasing all over the world there is no proper reporting of climate change except as standalone events not related to other such events. Most of these events don’t even find their way into the headlines or first page.

Bill Giles, pioneering BBC meteorologist, wrote recently that news channels should have slots for climate change In my blog “Death of Seasons...Climocalypse” posted on 28-5-2017, l had written “Inspite of a quantum increase in extreme climate events the media is not reporting it in a holistic merely reports the events as they occur without attempting to join the dots and paint the big picture”

It is now amply clear that during …

Accelerating Climate Change and How to Cope with It

"Calm yet shall release thee; an immense peace and a large streaming of white silence, Broad plains shall be thine, greenness surround thee, and wharved cities and life’s labour Long thou wilt befriend, human delight help with the waves’ coolness, with ship’s furrows Thrill,– last become, self losing, a sea-motion and joy boundless and blue laughter." by Sri Aurobindo - The River, Photo: Bikash R Das Sunset - River Mahanadi, Dhabaleswar, Odisha, India
The past 20 years are among the 22 hottest years of the planet. 2018 has been a roller coaster of a year with record number of extreme climate change events spread across the globe. We are living through Dicken’s “It was best of times, it was the worst of times…” redux.  Global capitalism is peaking in all spheres epitomized by urbanization, cars, air travel, consumerism, technological advancement, mobiles, telecommunication, internet, entertainment, energy use, etc. all of which are on a steep rising curve. Parallelly we are paying…